Wednesday, March 12, 2008 India > News > Internet > Is iTunes Gonna Feature the Beatles? India > News > Internet > Is iTunes Gonna Feature the Beatles?: "Once again several reports have crowded the Internet space -- saying that the Beatles catalog will soon be available online through Apple's iTunes digital music store. The UK press has even reported that Beatle Paul McCartney signed a $400 million deal for this to happen.

However, all such reports seem to have now fallen flat on their face after Apple completely denied having any such deal -- branding all reports as 'unsubstantiated speculation'."

Beatles-owned 'Apple Corps' and EMI (which owns recording rights to the Beatles catalog) have refrained from making any comments on the issue.

Time and again, digital distribution of the Beatles catalog has been stalled thanks to the long-running trademark dispute between Apple Inc and Apple Corps, which finally reached resolution in February last year.

All said, all this speculation is not for the first time... Every few months and some speculative report on the Beatles music issue crops up. This time round though, three major UK newspapers have reported it -- leading the majority of the public to believe it is indeed true.

Meanwhile, Apple's denial of the existence of such a deal does not mean that it is incomprehensible. It may happen sometime in future. Till then, Beatles (and iTunes) fans have no option but to wait.

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