Sunday, September 4, 2011

Beyoncé Pregnant With Destiny’s Child

By now everyone has heard the grand news, Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Carter are expecting.  That’s right ya’ll years of speculation (the most recent chatter obviously being more truth than beauty shop gossip) has finally come to fruition. Mrs. Beyoncé Knowles-Carter revealed to the world on Sunday (August 28) during the MTV Video Music Awards that she was indeed carrying her very own destiny’s child.

If you watched the show you know it was packed with some show-stopping performances from the likes of Lady Gaga, Chris Brown and others, however for all levitation Chris Brown could muster and the androgynous swag Lady Gaga aka Joe Calderone had to offer, the evening belonged to the Carters. Last night the entire world basked in Bey’s soon-to-be motherly glow. After a riveting performance of her uptempo smash “Love on Top,” adorned with a 1960’s  inspired stage show, what followed next was nothing short of historic and brilliant!

Beyoncé used my favorite record from her current music project, 4 to hypnotize the entire audience. Dressed in a Dolce and Gabanna tuxedo jacket and pants, the most successful African-American female entertainer in the game delivered a tastefully executed vocal performance. With a packed audience brought to their feet by the energy of the show, Beyoncé confidently and without hesitation hit each note. In the audience her equally successful husband , hip hop icon Jay-Z, had the matching exuberance of a proud father-to-be. With his “that’s my chick” pride beaming like a spanking new Hublot, Jay looked on (an equally giddy Kanye West at his side) as his lady raised up out her throne to introduce the heir to the Carter throne.

The magic that occurred when Queen B unbuttoned her jacket, brazenly dropping her microphone, and confidently rubbed her belly, marked an unforgettable moment in music history. The countdown for the arrival of Baby Carter begins, no more speculation. In a sense with last night’s performance and announcement Jay and Bey essentially called the paparazzi on themselves. The media attention that’s about to occur following this magic moment will be like none like we’ve seen before.

For me, it’s by the far the sexiest thing I have ever seen on a woman — a first-time mothers glow. Ask anyone their opinion on Bey and Jay-Z and you’d probably garner strong reactions from both sides, however the message of hard work, discipline, talent, self-respect, patience, love and above all commitment to your craft and your life partner can’t be denied.
Beyoncé is finally pregnant with destiny’s child, let the media frenzy/party begin!
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