Sunday, September 4, 2011

The King Has Returned, Now Can He Reign Again?

At the top of the week a report began to pop-up on the blogs that Atlanta rapper T.I is set to be released this week from an Arkansas prison. As we all know the self-proclaimed “King of the South” is currently in prison over probation violations stemming from a now infamous illegal weapons charge back from 2007. The rumors was/is that Tip is to be released Wednesday, August 31st. A fact confirmed by the time this post went live. And will immediately hit the recording studio to begin his journey back to the top.

While it seems camp T.I. is playing a bit of games with the media to presumably drum up anticipation, they’re refusing to make any public statements about the rumored release opting to send out coded tweets through social media site twitter. “ATTENTION: @TIP tour buses have DEPARTED. HE WILL BE BACK ON ATL SOIL tomorrow,” said exclusive event planner to T.I. CEO of MusicBusinessPolitics Hannah Kang.
Now that T.I. will enjoy the fresh air of freedom, what can’t be overlooked is a very simple question, “Can he do it again?”

Being one of the founding fathers for blogging in Atlanta, starting back in 2003, I’ve witness the brand of T.I. and Grand Hustle blossom into a — at one point– a blossoming boutique recording label with not only one of the hottest rappers in the game, but a promising roster of budding entertainers like Young Dro and Yung LA. At, or around the time I moved to the ATL, Tip’s career was just reaching mainstream level. Gone were the days of just taking over the South. He seemed destined to take over the world. However, these days one has to question if the world will be interested once again.
If the mantra to the music industry is that you’re only as hot as your last hit, it seems Tip is far behind in the game compared to his other top music competitors. Since being reincarnated, the digital world has become an even bigger focus and money generating machine. Lil Wayne dominates radio in away that can’t be denied . And, unfortunately either no one on Grand Hustle’s roster was strong enough to stand in Tip’s place holding it down in the streets and on the charts until his return, or nobody cared to.

Once a label whispered to revolutionize, and thrive in a new music era, Grand Hustle has down-sized considerably. Breakout artist and crossover star B.O.B. — who once staunchly represented T.I. and his label — has quietly been separated, or so I hear. Rumors are circulating that cash flow is considerably lower than ever before. And, there’s even whispers that T.I.’s lockup was a direct cause of Atlantic and Warner Bros well-known Atlanta offices closing its doors in an ever evolving new music industry.
Is it the end for Tip or simply the beginning all over again? Who am I to say. Anything is possible with “the machine” at your back betting on ones return.

One thing’s for sure though, judging by T.I.’s manager Jason Geter’s recent tweet, “Crazy how every1 is reaching out 2 me 4 sum reason. I haven’t had this many “friends” all year. LMAO!! Sum People are faker then $3 bills,” and him blatantly ignoring a personal reach-out from me on behalf of for a comment, the love affair — for some– appears to be over.

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