Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sound Off: V-Nasty Caves, Considers Not Using “N” Word

A few weeks ago, BET Sound Off discussed a controversial topic regarding Bay area rapper V-Nasty. The urban blogs were in a tizzy over the extroverted MC’s brazen position on using the “N” word in her lyrics and everyday vernacular. We examined the controversy here and sided with V-Nasty’s position. My position was clear; V-Nasty has the right to express herself and her art. And in 2011 it’s beyond ridiculous that Black people have the audacity to claim ownership over racial epithets on the belief it was transformed into a term of endearment.

Though we sided with her it seems the pressure became all too much as it appears that the White Girl Mob member has decided to issue a moratorium on her use of the N-word.
In a recent interview, V-Nasty explained how being raised in a low-income  section of Oakland, California, gave her the impression that it was OK to use the term. As she and her White Girl Mob partners gained a larger buzz, however, she quickly learned that people from outside the Bay aren’t so accepting.

“I’m even thinking about giving up [saying the n-word],” she said. “I’m not faking [when I say it]…it’s diversity…it’s crazy, because I’ll be with my partners doing my everyday thing, but now, everybody’s making it known, like, ‘Oh, she said the n-word and she’s white.’ Now I’m seeing that it’s different other places, so when I’m in the hood with my best friend…I shouldn’t even being thinking about that s–t. They the ones making me think about that s–t, bruh. I wasn’t raised off no colors or nothing, bruh…I ain’t racist.”

Funny with all the misogyny, rampant drug use and gang violence woven throughout the fabric of hip hop, focusing on a white girl using a term Black people toss around each and ever minute of the day is quite ridiculous.

Though I can’t say that I am fully aware of who V-Nasty is musically, as a Black man — and a voice for social change and evolution, I stand by her side on this topic. And let’s keep it real if you are a defender of art and an artist being able to create without hesitation of offending, then you should to.
We’ve all got to stop pointing the finger at others and start point them at ourselves

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