Thursday, November 10, 2011

Georgetown University Has A New Course on Rapper Jay-Z

 Georgetown University Has A New Course on Rapper Jay-Z.So if there EVER was an argument surrounding the impact of Hip Hop on education I guess this kind of kills that.
Georgetown University recently launched a course called ‘Sociology of Hip Hop: Jay-Z’ taught by sociologist Michael Eric Dyson and will be studying the Grammy Award-winning rapper.
The syllabus includes units like ‘Hustling Hermeneutics’ and ‘Monster of the ‘Double Entendre’
With Georgetown being such a historic and prominent school having 140 students which is three times the size of a normal seminar, clearly shows the profound influence of hip hop, culture, and the business around it.
We wanted to take up a serious investigation of (Jay-Z’s) art and craft. Behind the billionaire sexiness of a pop cultural icon, it is worth considering what the rhetorical and literary fuss is about’, Dyson told U.S. magazine,The Nation.
Dyson states he’s already spoken to Jay-z and he has no objections to the class, although I’m pretty sure his book Decoded might be a point of reference which means.. $$$

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