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Even Kings Can Have a Bad Night or Two

Even Kings Can Have a Bad Night or Two.There’s no secret that our post-digital music era lacks a strong sense of authenticity & showmanship. Once held to a high standard, the music industry used to be a hub for über-talented entertainers who were the cream of the crop in every way possible. However, over the years, the standard for today’s entertainer has dramatically fallen. These days of excellence are a relic of a time gone by. But certain household names are still able to rise above the fray — even in our exceedingly jaded society — to become standouts in the game. Most noticeably, Jay-Z and Kanye West.  

When word came down the pike that two of hip hop’s biggest entertainers in the game were joining forces for a national tour, stans and fans alike began to cheer. Talk about the best of both worlds, right? While eager fans lined up with their credit cards, attacking Ticketmaster with a vengeance to obtain prime seating for the biggest tour of the fall season, so far their concert has yet to exude the majestic quality most have come to appreciate and love about the trendsetting musical duo. 

Jay-Z and and Kanye kicked off their Watch the Throne tour last week in Atlanta, GA. In attendance for the first show, I witnessed a show riddled with production issues and an extremely tardy start time (almost 2 hours with no opening act). Disgusted by the extremely lackluster concert, my frustrations got checked almost immediately by staunch stans who read my tweets. Social media enthusiasts wasted no time blasting me for my negative comments about the first show. 

While some may not know, commonly you never attend the first kickoff of any tour. Typically, the first concert of any show is almost like a live run-through. Kinks are being worked out, technical issues are discovered; it’s a unwritten rule that I chose to blatantly ignore due to my affinity for the rap superstars.
 So, though not stellar, Atlanta fans issued a reprieve on the matter, and that should have been the end of it, right? Well not quite.
According to XXL Magazine, the October 30th North Carolina show date was not absent of its technical issues as well. “Sunday night’s show was not without its few mishaps, which were seemingly a result of the hype,” the review stated. “For ‘All of the Lights,’ ‘Ye stopped the show to request more lights from every section of the stage. After two failed attempts, he walked to the middle of the stage to stare down the head of lighting. The third attempt proved successful. During ‘Good Life,’ Mr. West forgot his second verse. Laughing it off, he announced he’d bring the instrumental back, though the crowd didn’t seem to mind. The accident further humanized Kanye after his touching joint performance with Jay during ‘New Day.’” 

With now three show dates under their overpriced belts, and technical issues still unresolved, am I, as a fan, asking too much for two of hip hop’s kings to be more majestic? While the success and accolades of Jay and ‘Ye are legendary to say the least, witch ticket prices in the neighborhood of $178.00 and up, simple technical and tardiness issues seem unacceptable given each MC’s  years of stage experience.

Not to mention their deep pockets, which can afford the best that money can buy when it comes to a concert production team.  Though nobody should miss the opportunity to see the Watch The Throne tour, especially if you are a die-hard fan, somebody needs to slip Mr. Carter and Mr. West a post-it note alerting them that their fans deserve nothing short of their best. And so far, it seems, the best is yet to come. 
As a fan who coughed the money for such a steep ticket, I believe fans deserve to exit arenas blown away, not disappointed.

By Gyant
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