Monday, November 7, 2011

T.I.Makes Smart Business Move

T.I.Makes Smart Business Move.After a series of arrests and a music career that’s in the midst of yet another restart, Atlanta rapper T.I. is changing up things behind the scenes.

With his recent release from Arkansas Forrest City Correctional Facility, the self-proclaimed King of the South has made a dedicated effort to reclaim his pre-prison positioning in hip hop. Before his world got entangled in a legal twister of arrests, court dates and prison time, T.I. was at the zenith of his career, a chart-topping rapper set to make his mark in Hollywood.

Clearly hearing the voices from the Internet of those who suggested it was time he began to rotate out some of the people inside Camp T.I., he’s begun to do it in an interesting way that contrasts his previous way of doing business.

According to, the Atlantic Records top recording artist has signed with management team Hip-Hop Since 1978, which enlists a roster that includes Lil Wayne, Drake, Kanye West and more. But if you’re thinking Jason Geter is out, you’d be wrong, as T.I. has expressed that, though his new management shift is “unconventional,” he will remain loyal to his previous manager.

“Jason still maintains his position.” said Tip. “You have Gee and [Hip Hop Since] ‘78 who come in with their expertise in several areas, who works alongside [Jason]. And then you got Category 5, Brian Sher [founder of Category 5 Entertainment, formerly of ICM], who’s there from the film and television area.”

Listen, if you were to put today’s top rappers on a scale, out of all of them, T.I. is the one who’s severely behind. Thanks to missing practically two years of his career to incarceration, Tip’s got a lot of ground to cover — and a lot of legal bills to pay. And if you know anything about the conservative corporations in the private sector, the criminal past that proceeds the man born Clifford Harris, Jr is going to be an issue.

So, to get Tip back on his superstar track there will have to be moves made that may beyond Jason Geter’s reach.
I applaud everyone knowing their limitations who are willing to step aside for the greater good. High five. Jason!

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