Thursday, December 1, 2011

Get Beyonce Pulse Perfume Free

Free Beyonce Pulse Perfume
 Free Beyonce Pulse Perfume
Free Beyonce Pulse Perfume
Lady's are you ready to feel more sexy,strong, and empowered and feel as you can conquer the world? Beyonce Pulse Perfume is the ultimate fragrance that will leave a lasting impression on everyone that you walk pass.

Beyonce Pulse perfume is unlike any other perfume,lady's that wear this perfume just can't be ignored. Beyonce Pulse perfume arouses an energy that moves threw you and around you.This perfume perfume is sensual,feminine,and very irresistible.Pulse was released in a collaboration with a famous fragrance company,Coty.

Beyonce Pulse Perfume is a citrus,floral,gourmand anchored by Beyonce's favorite flower,the orchid.Unique and modern,the package features an upside down faceted and a chrome cap inspired by Beyonce stage costumes.The Pulse perfume is energetic and full of excitement just like Beyonce and is recommended for day time.

The top notes of the perfume are pear blossom, frozen bergamot Blue Curacao liqueur. The heart notes feature a flower used for the first time in the making of a fragrance: the blue orchid. And the base features Madagascar vanilla, musk and precious woods.
Get A free Bottle of Beyonce Pulse Perfume and explore the goddess inside you.

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